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Meat Shop

Welcome to the Riverbend Ranch meat shop, specializing in grass-fed and naturally raised beef, pork, and lamb. Indulge in the superior flavors of responsibly sourced meats, ensuring a delicious and ethical dining experience.


Savor the exceptional taste of our grass-fed and finished beef, meticulously raised to deliver the utmost quality and flavor.


Experience the exquisite flavors of our naturally raised pork, where the highest standards of animal welfare and nutrition result in exceptional quality and taste.


Indulge in the finest grass-fed and finished lamb, carefully raised to perfection, delivering a superior taste and tenderness that will elevate your culinary creations.

Cattle in field.jpg
Image by Pascal Debrunner
“Fantastic family, even better tasting meats.  They handle it all from start to finish.  The Angus are grass fed not pumped with tons of chemicals.  Not to mention local."

Alexander B, WA

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