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Riverbend Ranch is on the forefront of conservation.  From restoration of our upland prairie soils to rebuilding degraded riparian areas near fish habitat the ranch is working with, not against our environment.

River riparian planting.jpg

2016 Skookumchuck River Riparian Project

In 2016 the ranch started planning out the largest conservation project to date at that time:  Fencing off 7,800 feet of the Skookumchuck river for exclusion of livestock, planting 4,000+ native trees and shrubs, and installing an off grid solar livestock watering system.

2020 Blocking Fish Creek Culvert Replaced

This culvert was blocking historic up-stream sponing grounds for wild fish coming out of the Skookumchuck river.  The culvert was replaced by a full fish accessible bridge.


2022 Prairie Restoration

30+ acres of prairie that had been overrun with invasive plants such as scotch broom and Himalayan blackberry was mulched and allowed historic seed bank to germinate.



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