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Purchasing a share of Riverbend Ranch grass finished beef is a great way to stock your freezer with high quality protein! Place a deposit on a quarter, half, or whole beef and you'll receive a custom assortment of our mouth-watering beef from the butcher.


Total Price: $4.25/lb based on hanging weight + the butcher’s cutting & wrapping fees (varies based on specific cutting order, but averages an additional $0.90/per pound.)  Additional slaughter fees are also paid for by the customer.


Average hanging weights for our beef shares:


Whole Beef: 650-700lbs

Half Beef: 325-350lbs

Quarter Beef: 160-180lbs




1) Choose the amount of beef you'd like (quarter, half, or whole share of one beef animal).


2) Place the item (your deposit) in the cart and checkout. You choose the season in which you want your beef (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). The timing of your beef being ready depends on demand for beef shares, butcher scheduling, aging time, and other factors. We will be in touch after your deposit is made to provide an estimate on when your beef will be ready.


3) The butcher will contact you directly to fill out a cutting order to determine which cuts of beef you prefer.


4) When your beef is ready, you will be invoiced for the total remaining amount due. The balance due will reflect the cost per pound of the actual hanging weight of your share (quarter, half, or whole) of beef, the butcher’s fees based on your cutting order, less the deposit paid, and slaughter fees.


Have more questions about how it works? Send us an email and we'll be happy to walk you through it.


  • -This is a deposit for a whole beef from Riverbend Ranch.

    -This deposit will be applied to the total amount due at the time of pickup.

    -This deposit is non-refundable.

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