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Ranch Foreman


Oldest son and ranch foreman Kevin Jensen graduated from Washington State University in 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science.  Kevin married his sweetheart Krystal in August of 2011 and currently lives on the ranch with their two daughters Dalynn and Kacie.   The Jensen’s have been working closely with Thurston County Agritourism to diversify the family business.  The Jensen's have continued to provide 100% natural grass fed and finished beef to friends, family and future customers.

Pictured above is Ole Jensen bringing in hay with his horse drawn trailer, Ole homesteaded part of the families ranch

       The Home Stead





The Jensen family started cattle ranching in Thurston County in the 1930’s, setting up the first ranch in Yelm, WA.  Brothers Ole and Si Jensen started the ranch, they also competed in horse pulling competitions and worked in the timber industry.  The Yelm ranch is still owned and operated by the Jensen family today!

Steve and Karen Jensen, 3rd generation of Thurston County ranching Jensen's, purchased the western portion of the Tenino ranch in the early 1980’s.  Steve and Karen began raising beef cattle, commercial timber and Christmas trees while introducing oldest son Kevin in 1985 and youngest Mike in 1990.  In the mid 90’s the eastern portion of the ranch was purchased, known today as Riverbend Ranch.  With the new east expansion came an opportunity to house twice as many cattle, farm grass hay, and irrigation rights.  Today the ranch is self-sufficient and working to provide a wonderful future for the Jensen family, now watching the 5th generation grow!​

Riverbend Ranch today is the forefront of the Jensen family’s expansion into all natural grass finished locker beef and pork.  The Jensen’s use pasture management and irrigation in the summer to keep the rich and fertile Skookumchuck valley soil in the perfect nutritional balance for Black Angus beef cattle.  Also introduced in 2008 is the addition of natural pork.​​ 

The Ranch is working with many local, state, and federal research projects such as a prairie habitat study that is about to be completed.  This three year study was spear headed by Thurston County WSU Extension and involved all levels of government to look at different grazing techniques, and overall impact of protected prairie species including the Mazama pocket gopher.

Riverbend Ranch has been going full steam ahead with conservation projects along the natural waterways, especially the riparian areas of the Skookumchuck River.  To date over 7,000 feet of river have been excluded from cattle access with more river and creekside exclusions planned in the future.

The Jensen family has diversified Riverbend Ranch to support Tenino, Thurston County and Washington State.  We provide a wide variety of products for our wonderful customers including beef, pork, Christmas trees, and wedding venue.  We thank you for taking the time to read about our ranch!  This website will be updated throughout the year so please check back often!​

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